Self- experimenting

We all know being a parent puts you into the position to receive, with or without asking, lots of tips on how you have to do something. But what to do if the tips you receive are contradicting each other?

Start self- experimenting!

I wanted to be a perfect mum and I did not want to make any mistakes. I played the save game. I was for example breastfeeding whenever my baby made a noise. This ended up in me sleeping only a few hours a night and on top of that, many broken nights. I was completely exhausted. I never felt so tired before. I was a total wreck at work and on the road. This needed to change quickly.

I started talking to mums what they did, read lots of books on different methods and of course also talked about it with my partner. Then I started self- experimenting the suggestions that suited me the most. The result was that I was sleeping more hours during the night and my nights were less broken. And as a bonus: the effect of a happy mum was a happy baby!

You want to start self-experimenting too?

1. Find a situation your are not happy with;
2. Find out how other people are handling a similar situation;
3. Decide which method suits you wel and start self-experimenting.
Bad luck? Continue self- experimenting until it works well for you.

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