Persoonlijke ontwikkeling door ouderschap


I believe that we can learn from and through everything that comes across in our lifes.

The Little Teacher

Even before my son was born (30 October 2015) he already taught me lessons, direct or indirect. That is why I sometimes call him my Little Teacher. I write about personal growth from and through my child; the lessons I learn from and through my boy. I believe that being a parent gives you a free opportunity for personal growth. I take this opportunity. I share my story with you to make you aware that you can take this opportunity aswel. Go to the archive of The Little Teacher to read what I wrote.

Written in Duth- English style

The reason I write in English, although I am born in the Netherlands, is not because I am so good at it. I write in English so that Marta, my lovely (Spanish) neighbor in Luxemburg where I partly live, can read my lessons learnt too. I find in her a great friend on the path of personal growth. Do you prefer to read the articles in a different language, click here to go to Google Translate. Past the text you like to read in the language of your choice and enjoy reading!

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